Community Care Counseling

Online counseling now available.

Appointments available online or in person.

We want to let our clients know that if they are in a high risk group or are not comfortable coming into the office we have a telehealth option where you can still receive services from us.  Our telehealth system is a secure system that is HIPAA compliant. Please call the office at 770-875-2595 to set up an online appointment.

Community Care Counseling uses an integrative approach to providing support for couples, families, and individuals in need of therapy and solutions to the real problems prevalent in today’s world.  Integrative counseling allows us to meet the needs of our clients based upon their belief system and worldview.  We invite you to come and explore the wide range of services that we can provide for you.

Our therapist, Chandra Dew, is trained in both Professional and Christian Counseling techniques.  She is able to tailor a counseling solution to your marriage, relationships, and family issues.  Explore how her experience and education can help solve and bring relief to you, your family, and the significant relationships in your life.