Family Counseling

Family Focus Counseling

God is the tool to build a solid foundation for families that are transitioning through divorce or a newly blended family or just seeking out help with their children as they experience life. Transitions such as divorce, children reaching adolescence or just not quite sure how to raise your young one can produce deep seeded hurts and interrupt peace within the family unit.

1. A divorce does not only hurt the couple alone, but also the children and all other parties involved.

2. Today blended families are common but unfortunately their rate of success is worse than that of first marriages, which have a failure rate of 50%.

3. The teenage stage is a time when the child is trying to become an adult seeking autonomy, independence and a sense of control over his/her life. It is a difficult stage for the child as well as for the parents. The parents intellectually realize that this period is normal and welcome it, but still find it to be difficult because in the past the child accepted their parents’ judgments and guidelines, and now they question their parents, bringing forth conduct that is not acceptable.

4. Raising children under the teen years can be stressful. Leaving questions such as “Am I handling things in the best way? Or is the punishment that I gave my child too hard, or am I too soft? These questions come up when a parent is not getting the response they believe they should get.

Counseling can help people to better know and understand themselves and their relationships and work on those barriers that prevent them from living a full life.